Today is Aaron Swartz birthday. Because of him, we have Creative Commons (development), Reddit (co-founder),, Open Library, DeadDrop, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Demand Progress (co-founder), ThoughtWorks, and Tor2web.

@yaglb I never knew about the circumstances until now, sad he is not with us anymore

@itmike @arh

@arh Hello. What an amazing person and we miss him so much. Slight correction though. Aaron did not found or create ThoughtWorks. He did join the company for a while though and surely left his mark on it.

@arh also the RDF/XML spec

which is the format you would use if you were to describe the graph of people that (against odds and gods) worked towards a sane, human infospace that focuses on the diffusion of knowledge and meaning

@FediVideos @arh

The documentary of “the Internet’s own boy” about Aaron Swartz was so good that I have kept it offline on my phone for the past 6 months and I watch parts of it when I feel down and insignificant.

@FediVideos @arh Thanks for the Vidcommons link. A good FOSS video site honours his vision.

@FediVideos @arh Some lyrics penned quickly in honour of Aaron Swartz from a foreign perspective:

We Love Your People,
We Honour Your People
and we see
from sea to shining sea
some of them are shining like
the stars in the sky.

Much Love to America's great fallen heroes,
Aaron Swartz amongst them.

Lyrics: Xanthos of Quantum Indigo

@arh really enjoy the way you organize your site. Subscribed via RSS. Happy birthday, Aaron!

@arh Does anyone else feel like some of these lyrics apply to Aaron Swartz?

Though his mind is not for rent
Don’t put him down as arrogant
His reserve, a quiet defense
Riding out the day’s events –

No, his mind is not for rent
To any god or government.

-Catch the witness – Catch the wit
-Catch the spirit – Catch the spit

He gets right on to
The friction of the day

Lyrics: Neil Peart and Pye Dubois of Rush

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