Our free software folks in India could really use a hand. Please donate to them if you can.

As we were already running on negative balance, which was/is being paid for by @praveen from his pocket, I request everyone to consider donating to up keeping this services.

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A patient experiencing claustrophobia and having a panic attack during a CT scan.

Once upon a time, decentralization had a meaning.

@LovesTha this idiocy is the result of capitalism. Super billionaires not knowing what to do with their money or using this idiotic idea to launder money.

MFers are paying millions of dollars to buy a screenshot of a photo and you still tell me capitalism is humane?

I've seen shitty people but not as shitty as conservatives.

Why the hell I can't configure OpenNIC DNS in my computer?

@sneak well if he gets least votes, he'll be out of there but I don't think that happens.

I love cryptocurrency and I love the idea behind it but I hate building everything on it or put it everywhere. I hate that it's being manipulated by capitalists to get more money and I hate that those in power are forcing their power onto it to misuse another good thing.

@arh Ignorant extremist logic from many sides: My opinions are facts and the one true way. If I don't like you, you're wrong and you're Hitler!

Ali, your talking about conservative logic and you've made an interesting point.

However I see extremism and a lack of logical thought throughout the political spectrums.

So many people don't know how to think.

Instead they think whatever opinions they were taught were correct.

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